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*New and Improved!*  We made revisions to every aspect of our robust 48 page guide. We worked in consultation with KT Kennedy and Lourdes Rivas provided a sensitivity read. We uplifted and centered Black and Brown voices and increased our emphasis on intersectionality because we support and affirm all of the students in our classroom. 


In addition, we created a companion document, Gender Inclusive Distance Teaching, which is available as a free download in our store. 


At Gender Inclusive Classrooms, we believe that every teacher is capable of creating a safe, supportive and affirming environment for trans, gender expansive, non-binary and queer students. Our goal is to provide a framework to help guide your work as you move through the year. This curriculum is more about shifting your mindset, language, and practice than it is about adding additional lessons to your already jam-packed curriculum expectations. Our hope is that this guide will help you infuse aspects of gender inclusivity into everything that you are already doing so that it becomes a natural part of your pedagogy. It is our sincere hope that this work will be combined with all of the work you are already doing around race, class, economic justice and other social justice topics so that students are able to explore the complexities of their multifaceted identities.


The following themes are included in the guide:


August/September: Identity Work and Pronoun Exploration

October/November: Thinking Critically and Unpacking Stereotypes

December: Beyond the Binary

January/February: Unlearning the "Universal He"

March/April: Using LGBTQ+ Language

May/June: Looking Back, Looking Forward - History and Activism


Each monthly guide provides a student goal, student-friendly definitions, book recommendations by topic, lesson plan ideas, tips for communicating with families, and additional reading for teachers. 


Other Sections Include:

-Where to begin: Jam-packed with tips to get your classroom environment and school year off to a great start

-Communicating with families: Our three-step process to get administrators and families up to date on what you're planning to teach. Complete with our favorite tips, links and responses to concerns and pushback. 

-Specific actions for supporting Trans, Gender Expansive, Nonbinary Students and Queer Families: Resources for before school meetings, introducing students into your classroom, and ways to protect privacy. 

-Special notes for LGBTQIA+ teachers

-Special notes for teachers teaching in Spanish

-An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section

Gender Inclusive Classrooms Year-Long Curriculum Guide 2021-2022

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