Struggling to Start A Rainbow Club?

Hear from this teacher/ parent about their journey.

We spoke to one elementary school teacher named Liz from Virginia who has attempted to set up a Rainbow Club this year for her trans daughter and their school community.

Liz teaches at the school her daughter attends, which has written out guidelines to support LGBTQ kids in name but not in action. In her district it has been hard to push administrations to move forward in concrete ways.

Liz got the idea to start the club because she is always looking for creative ways to support her daughter. She spoke with another colleague about it, and they were eager to co-host meetings. When they emailed the principal, however, they were met with two weeks of silence. Liz guessed it took about four weeks to get a real response, and when they did, administrators said they weren't sure if it could happen, they would have to ask higher up. Admin spoke to the head of the counseling department, who also contacted people higher up. After more waiting, Liz was told that the district is creating a form to start a club so that there is some kind of process everyone has to follow.

She looked up resources and wasn't able to find much available online, but was directed to an event on Facebook for the Rainbow Club meeting at our school. She is left feeling like the club isn't a priority for administrators or district officials, and is now waiting to receive and fill out the form to start a club.

Liz is hoping that because her school is promoting kindness and anti-bullying, she can promote this club as an important part of that message. She is hoping to make the club open to all, and to host it after school. She envisions sending a flyer home with a permission slip so that families can give permission for their children to attend the club.

Liz's ultimate goal is to "create a culture of acceptance in elementary school" so that when her daughter moves on to middle school, the foundation of kindness, understanding and diversity is already set.

Does this mirror your experience in trying to start a Rainbow Club? Feel free to comment below.