The Second Meeting of the Rainbow Club

Yesterday our school's Rainbow Club met for the second time. We had a bigger turnout, with kids from 1st-5th grade and many families. It was the last day of Transgender Awareness Week, so our theme for the club was all about pronouns!

Just like last time, we followed a structure of 15 minute increments. We began with open-ended playing and talking.

Here are some of the games and activities I set out:

We played Top That - a classroom favorite!

We had an art table again, it was just as popular as last time!

We put out Legos and a couple students talked as they filled the table with a campsite.

Then, we cleaned up and came to the rug for a story. We started with a poem and a quick introduction to pronouns before reading They, She, He, Me, Easy as ABC by maya and matthew.

Then we presented the three activities/actions for the day. We had ideas for all age groups, so families got to participate as well.

The first activity was to make pronoun buttons! A family at our school volunteered to bring in a button maker and students colored their own.

The second activity was to prepare a morning announcement for Transgender Day of Remembrance, next Wednesday, November 20th. Students read and wrote about trans heroes and prepared a short speech to share with the school.

The final activity was to write letters to the CUSD 200 District in Wheaton, Illinois, that canceled Robin Stevenson's visit after a parent complained that Harvey Milk and Janet Mock were in the book. We wrote letters to support Robin Stevenson, and letters to the district asking them to reconsider.

Find more information about this here, here or here. Read the original letter Robin Stevenson wrote to the district here.

Once again, the club felt fun, engaging and appropriate for all in attendance. We are already looking forward to the next meeting in December!