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The 4th and 5th grade reading guide is a thoughtful and intentional way for any teacher to incorporate LGBTQ+ characters, topics, and perspectives into their classroom. 


These five books can be taught as read-alouds or within guided book groups. The books include two traditional middle grade chapter books, one middle grade graphic novel, and two picture books based on true stories.


 Each book's guide includes:

  • Discussion questions (can also be used as writing prompts)
  • Curricular tie-ins
  • Suggested companion texts
  • Book-specific vocabulary and pronunciation guides where appropriate
  • Important things to consider when respectfully navigating gender identities and sexuality


The guide is for the following five books, all of which can be requested from your local library:


  1. Ho’onani Hula Warrior by Heather Gale
  2. Rick by Alex Gino
  3. The Fighting Infantryman: The Story of Albert D. J. Cashier, Transgender Civil War Soldier by Rob Sanders
  4. The Deep & Dark Blue by Niki Smith
  5. Ana on the Edge by A. J. Sass


This guide also includes a link to a companion Google Slide presentation that can be copied and edited for use in virtual or in-person classroom settings (the link is embedded in the reading guide). 

4-5th Grade Reading Guide (With Companion Slide Deck)

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