Resources for Teachers, Counselors and Families

Gender Spectrum is a great first resource when supporting trans students. They provide their own resources, forms and posters and they link to medical and legal information. In addition, they provide ways to connect with other families.

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Teaching Outside the Binary is a website by Ace Schwarz. Ace identifies as non-binary and uses they/them/theirs pronouns. Ace is passionate about providing teachers, parents and administrators with resources to help make their classrooms inclusive for students. 

Welcoming Schools, a project of the Human Rights Campaign, provides resources and workshops to educators in order to create safe and supportive learning environments for trans and gender non-conforming schools. 

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network provides support to GSAs, emphasizes student leadership and action, and hosts conference workshop days for students and educators. 

Teaching Tolerance is a resource put together by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Teachers and other professionals contribute short and comprehensive articles. They also offer films and professional development. 

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Teaching biology creates many opportunities to authentically incorporate student curiosity. The Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS) expect students to ask questions about natural phenomena and then explain their answers using models. This website offers examples of adapting curriculum to NGSS and gender-inclusive standards, as well as resources for advocating to administration and others.

Resources By Topic

This NPR article was written by Jon Brooks. Brooks describes the way that youth are increasingly identifying outside of the binary by looking closely at the life of Max (they/them) and their experience transitioning. This article is relevant and so important for educators!

In this video, The Scene asked parents to give affirmations to their transgender kids. #ProtectTransKids

Transgender 101

This episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You is from February 20th, 2017. 

"What does "transgender" mean? Is it the same as gender identity disorder? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the history of sexology, sex change operations and transgender identity, as well as why trans people are fighting for their civil rights." 

The Gender Spectrum

This article by Carrie Kilman on Teaching Tolerance describes the complexity of gender. This article profiles one young students' experience in school. 

The Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person was created by Sam Killerman. It is a visual resource that explains the difference between gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex. In addition, this third version differentiates between romantic and sexual attraction. The Genderbread Person is helpful for educators and parents, but could also be used with students in upper elementary grades. 

Combatting Stereotypes: How to Talk to Your Children

This articles is by Marjorie Rhodes provides practical tips applicable for educators and families to address stereotypes with children. 

The Gender Moxie Project

The Gender Moxie Project is a research based group out of University of Massachusetts Amherst. The blog is updated with articles, links and other resources for families. They are also looking for children who experience gender differently to participate in their project. 

Being There for Nonbinary Youth

This article by Jey Erhenhalt on Teaching Tolerance gives advice on how educators can support gender creative students. 

8 Gender-Neutral Birth Pronouns and How to Use Them

Tynan Rhea wrote this guide, which can be helpful for all educators, counselors and school personnel as they speak with diverse families. 

Five Accidentally Transphobic Phrases Allies Use - And What to Say Instead

Katie Dupere shares some ways we can change our language to be inclusive of all of our students and their families. 

Here Is What I Need As A Queer Black Student

Queen Cornish, a middle-schooler, wrote this essay which is published on the GLSEN page. 

Transgender Boy Finds His "Bros", and Himself, at Camp

This Story Corps episode is a conversation with Gabe and his mom Chris. They talk about Gabe's experience at a weekend camp for transgender children. 

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More General Resources

This course is offered through Stanford University.

Who is this class for: This course is for anyone who cares about children and wants to make the world better for them. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Posters and Classroom Signs

Gender Inclusive Signage [Gender Spectrum]

Know The Difference Poster [Teaching Tolerance]

Important Resources Post Trump Adminitration Title IX Reversal

On February 22nd, 2017, the Trump Administration reversed protections for transgender youth. Asserting that the choice of whether or not to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity was up to states and not the federal government, it is more important now than ever to show support for our trans and gender non-conforming students. 

The link below will take you to a blog post including articles and opinion pieces written after the reversal, including a letter from a trans teacher to trans students. 

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