Gender Inclusive Books

Exclusive K-5 Book List

Our comprehensive book list features books categorized into K-5 and books in Spanish. 

Grades 4-5 Reading Guide

A detailed reading guide featuring five carefully curated middle grade novels. 

Grades K-1 and 2-3 Reading Guides

Two reading guides, each featuring five hand-picked, developmentally appropriate picture books. 

We have put together a comprehensive book list with books organized by grade K-5. We've included many of our favorite titles and books we have read in our own classrooms. Every book - and every book list - is only as good as the discussion that goes along with it. While these books highlight members of the LGBTQ+ community or discussion gender expression and identity, we believe that any book has the power to be a teaching tool. Any book, and especially those not listed here, should be read critically. Children can - and should - practice critiquing stereotypes, harmful gender roles and over-reliance on the gender binary in any book they read. We hope this list serves as a launching point for you in your classroom, while also knowing that any book is a book about gender. 

Reflection Press is a small independently owned press based in San Francisco. Maya Gonzalez and her partner, Matthew, write and illustrate children's books that are reflective of the intersections of race and gender. Their website is filled with free resources as well as a link to sign up for courses through their "School of the Free Mind". This is an incredible way to support independent publishers, and celebrate, as Maya proclaims "children's books as a radical act". 

This website highlights over 60 book lists divided by topic. The Social Justice Booklist is a project of the nonprofit Teaching for Change. Each topic includes color pictures, a full description, the level of recommendation and links to reviews. This website makes it easy to find just the books you need for any social justice topic. 

This website provides reviews of diverse children's books! From stories about adoption to multi-racial families and divorce, this website provides helpful information for choosing just the right book. 

This project was started by a now 12-year-old named Marley Dias with the hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks. Since she first created the hashtag - as a response to the lack of diversity on her school book list - she has collected over 1,000 books featuring strong black female leads. 

This resource includes four book lists: 

1. Books for LGBTQ Inclusive Schools

2. Books to Embrace Family Diversity

3. Books to Prevent Bias-Based Bullying

4. Books that Look at Gender and Support Transgender and Non-Binary Students

This seven-page annotated book list even includes books written by children!

This book list is specifically about families that come in different shapes, sizes and structures. 

This resource, from We Need Diverse Books is called "Where to Find Diverse Books". It include books that feature LBGTQ+, African American, Latinx, and Islamic characters. In addition, it provides information about multicultural books and those that feature children with disabilities. 

Flamingo Rampant publishes feminist, racially diverse and LGBTQ positive picture books for children. Check out their 2015 Rainbow Collection, available for purchase!

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